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Make them RAGE, make them QUIT... We stand together and we don't take SHIT!.
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PostSubject: Angels of Death | Members   Angels of Death | Members I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2012 6:45 pm

|A| o |D|
Angels of Death
Members :

AoD V3NOM - The President
Xfire : r2dikiller.
Country : Israel.
Old tags : R2D I IKiller, danirockdude2.

AoD Fall3N - The Road Captain (Inactive)
Xfire : evilgenius777.
Country : Germany.
Old tags : R2D I Drag0n, evilgenius777.

AoD FaZe
Xfire : electricor.
Country : Israel.
Old tags : R2D I CrazyKill, ElectricOr.

AoD Deadly X - The Deadly  (Inactive)
Xfire : gtamirco.
Country : Germany.
Old tags : R2D I Deadly X, gtamirco.

AoD Ranger - The Ranger (Ex Member)
Xfire : theniko007.
Country : Germany.
Old tags : R2D I Extreme, theniko007.

AoD Radiation - The Hyper Killer (Inactive)
Xfire : ibhso.
Country : Germany.
Old tags : R2D I HypErKilL, ibhso.

AoD DaRkSiDeR - The Dark Knight
Xfire : darksider280.
Country : Scotland.
Old tags : R2D I DarkSider, Darksider 270.

AoD ElectroNIK
Xfire : elektronik1990.
Country : Portugal.
Old tags : N/A.

AoD D3MON (Inactive)
Xfire : gtasparton.
Country : India.
Old tags : GTA Sparton, FFDB I InSaNe.

AoD Massacre (Inactive)
Xfire : dariusxfire.
Country : Romania.
Old tags : DariusGTA, Seco94

AoD 1nSaNe (Ex Member)
Xfire : luvdichtahengzt.
Country : Germany.
Old tags : R2D I BLOKK, Ia Haine.

AoD Dua1iTy
Xfire : gta4g33k.
Country : Slovanya.
Old tags : gta4g33k.

AoD Kill3R
Xfire : xxjay1995xx.
Country : India.
Old tags : LibertyOwner,RoG Jay.

AoD Tw1St3D
Xfire : mrsergiosantos.
Country : Portugal.
Old tags : KN TERMINATOR,XS I Warrior.

AoD FuZioN
Xfire : brunocar1998.
Country : Portugal.
Old tags : XS I GAMER X.

AoD D3VIL - The Devil (Ex Member)
xfire : d3vilred
Country : United States of America
Old tags : I Krazzy I

AoD D3sTroYeR  (Ex Member)
Xfire : darcrzy
Country : Turkey
Old tags : DarkCrZy

AoD FaTal1TY (Ex Member)
Xfire :  dtngoldcobra1
Country : Germany
Old tags : DTN GoldCobra

☜☠☞ A Proud Angel of Death ☜☠☞

Angels of Death | Members Maxpay10

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Angels of Death | Members
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