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 Introducing : Multi - Quote

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PostSubject: Introducing : Multi - Quote   Introducing : Multi - Quote I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 03, 2013 7:26 am

The Multi - Quote

Now it will be easier to quote several posts at the same time. This button operates on the principle of selection / deselection.

Each click on the multi-quote button is equivalent to the selection of the post in question. In the same way, a 2nd click on the button will effect its deselection. The multi-quote button you clicked will then change its color.

Basically now you don't have to quote each member separately,you just click the multi-quote button on each post you want to quote and they will appear in your reply (note that it doesn't work with the quick reply this means you'll have to click on ADD REPLY button and you'll see that the quotes you chose will be added automatically).

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Introducing : Multi - Quote Maxpay10
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Introducing : Multi - Quote
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