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Make them RAGE, make them QUIT... We stand together and we don't take SHIT!.
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 R2D Clan Memebrs

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PostSubject: R2D Clan Memebrs   Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:03 pm

|R|-2-|D|-> Clan :
R2D - Ready To Die ? Clan Has 11 Members :

R2D I IKiller
Clan's Leader, I made this clan...brought it from the bottom to the top.

R2D I CrazyKill
Clan's Vice Ledaer, Close friend of the leader...kill or be killed thats all i have to say.

R2D I Extreme
Clan's Extreme Shooter, Fear the Extreme Killer.

R2D I Hitman
Clan's Silent Assasin, im as dark as the darkness, as quit as the silence, ready to kill everybody in the way.

R2D I HypErKilL
Clan's Killing Machine, Kills Everybody Everywhere.

R2D I MegaDeath
Clan's Deadly Killer, Ready To Kill You All. - Ex Member.

R2D I IPower
Clan's Man, Who Shows The Other Way To Die. - Ex Member.

R2D I ShaDow
Clan's Ghost Killer, What You Dont See Makes Him Stronger.

- Ex Member.

R2D I SkuLCrusH
Clan's Skull Crusher, Get Ready To Get You Skull Crushed. - Ex Member.

R2D I Drag0n
Clan's Fire Deamon, Fire to kill and Fire for blood.

Clan's Gamer Killer, Gaming makes you Die. - Ex Member.

R2D I CrazY
Clan's Crazy Killer, Hes so Crazy he will PWN you ALL.

R2D I Mister X
Clan's Executer, A Killer With Honor.

R2D I H00ligaN
Clan's Hooligan, Get Ready For Clan Wars. - Ex Member.

R2D I Deadly X (Sm00th)
Clan's Smooth Guy, Killes you in a Smooth and Deadly way. - Ex Member.

Clan's Blocker, Dont Feel Free To Move Coz You Are Blocked.

Clan's Impressing Killer, Kills You All. - Ex Member.

R2D I Gh0sT
Clan's Ghost Killer, Hunting Noobs Down.

R2D I DarkSider
Clan's Dark Side, "Im good when Im in the Dark Side".
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R2D Clan Memebrs
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